Duke is a luxury watch brand with a distinctive identity. Its quintessential Clarity Tourbillon is distinguished by its 100° opening and its double sapphire bridges.

A mysterious rotor hidden in the octagonal case is a key component of the brand's singularity.
The company's quest for excellence, pursuit of the beauty of the invisible, and constant innovation reflect the future of traditional watchmaking.

Duke is a Luxembourg brand, with its own factory: ‘Manufacture Grand-Ducale’. This is an integral aspect of the brand that gives clients the chance to experience our core values and expertise in a totally transparent manner.


The history of the Grand Duchy is reflected in the brand's core values. Our guiding principles are tradition, independence, uniqueness and innovation.

Duke aims to be a contemporary brand with a sense of tradition. This means respect for the craft of watchmaking combined with innovative, modern creativity, without compromise.

Our long-term vision is focused on offering a variety of watch complications in limited series and creating a community of enthusiasts seeking perfection and rarity.


Independence is defined by the possession of an in-house manufacture; this is essential for quality control, respect for tradition and watchmaking know-how; and unlimited innovation. Projects are assigned to our watchmakers and expert artisans, who work together to create a synergy between the various trades within the manufacture.


The project began in 2016, when a young Luxembourger fascinated with watches decided it was the right time to follow his dreams. With a background in the Haute Couture sector and experience with the exacting standards of clients and international luxury houses, he decided to move into a similar field: Haute Horlogerie.

His fascination stems from the fact that a complex, miniature mechanical device can provide the precise time and other more complicated information using wheels, pinions, and a balance spring as a source of energy, which is recharged simply by wearing the watch.

He has spent years personally learning and practicing the craft, so that he understands the needs and challenges of each step to achieve the perfection he is seeking.


With an interest in independent and artisanal brands, an attraction to high-level expertise and contemporary design and materials, and an obsession with aesthetic finishing, even when unseen, and with a strategic desire to reimagine our definition of luxury in high-end watchmaking, he decided to create the first Haute Horlogerie brand based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to bring all these criteria together.

In the process, he met an extraordinary watchmaker and polisher with the same mindset who joined the Manufacture Grand-Ducale team, which represents the ideal 21st century organization, combining expertise, modernity, and independence.